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I am soooooooo bored


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1. go to movie

2. eat chocolate

3. read a book

4. listen to your fav. musics

5. ride bike

6. tale a loooong shower

7. sleep

8. clean your bedroom

9. post on coldplaying.



hope i've helped you. :kiss:



1. Eating Choclate makes myskin come out in spots

2. I dont have a book to read

3. I only brought one CD out with me and listended to it twice now

4. I dont have a bike

5. I am not at home at the mo

6. I dont loads of that sleeping thing last night

8. My Bedroom is currently clean

9. I have been posting on here today, and its fun as usual


but thanks never less !! :kiss:

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-JaK- wrote:



^ with chocolate or with a female?



well if you put them together he'd be having more fun thatn just the one



you are just 13 and have a perv imagination.....

Can you blame me with some of the people on here?

Plus people everywhere? :P

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