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Bloom Blaum


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Wait, this is not about the b-side..


i was just wondering..

what does Bloom Blaum mean?


not lyrics-wise.., but the worsd..

i know what bloom means, but i have no idea what blaum means..

does it mean anything at all?? :stunned:


this is really an english-grammar question, more then a coldplay b-side quenstion

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Its a weird story. Their friend simon pegg told them to record it when they were in Iceland doing a concert. The next day, there was a review for the concert. There was a picture of the audience showered with blue light. The caption below read 'Blue People' in icelandic. Anyway Chris misread that and thought that it said i bloom blaum. So the name actually makes no sense.


here's how i know this. Its at the end of part 2 of the interview



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