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Whos the better dancer?


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Its a toughie...




Its gotta be the banana. Look at him, hes loving it, and hes great. This is his life, this is how he wakes up, its as natural as breathing.


Credit to the monkey for a valiant effort, you can see an awful amount of determination on his face and hes a good athelete too. But Banana takes it.

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Hes got the elephant thing down to a tee, but the pinkness could be pinker. I mean, his appearance is pretty good but Im just not feeling the rhythym, sorry.


6.3. At the end of the day, this competition is all about the dancing.

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But obviously he has to be disqualified.


I mean theres suspicions over whats in Banana's water, but look at that thing, its your typical Clubbing E-Popper :o


haha! yeah, i agree. he's out of the running. that kid is on something for sure.

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