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Where the hell did mycdplayerisbroke go to?


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i think eric is swiming (crossing the Atlantic) to see Lotta!

you know, one belongs to the other....

thats the love!

it's strange i wasn't thinking the same

i just thought he was swimming on pacific cause imma coming with the cloud to kick his ass :lips:

eric if u read this ....

sushies for liiiiiife i'mma kamikaze :chinese:

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It was Ginger too... !!


I created another thread about it.... but he had a augment in saying he felt itemedated by big black guys that gave him a hard time. And thats why he used the term. However I was quite upset in what ginger said to me....


I cant find the thread ! He said it on, and he most lilkely was not being racist to me... but he used the N word to often in the thread and I did not like it.

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