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better live?


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not that i am diminishing the fantastic albums or anything, but i was inspired by VH2 showing a live performance of one i love...now i've heard a studio version of said song, as a b-side, but somehow prefer the live version and i've started to find that with a lot of their stuff...are there any coldplay songs you believe sound better live or in their studio versions?

apologies if this has been asked many a time...

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I prefer the live versions of God put a Smile upon Your Face over the studio. The studio recording sounds too soft, I like the heavy sound they add to it with the live versions.

I also like Politik live but I think that sometimes the studio recording is slightly better.

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agree with the original post about One I Love being better live. In fact, I reckon it's far far superior live. The studio version is really lame and lacks the balls that it has when they play it live. I tend to find that with most of their songs - they are better live than recorded.

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