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anyone else feel that odd drag, when you know that certain topics are going to get exhausted to death fairly damn quickly? for example, thoughts on speed of sound, the progression (if any) of coldplay's sound...this is the time when people get ravenous for information...hence why i am buying nme again against my better judgement next week... :rolleyes:


oh and yes, i'm a little bored too....

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i agree with you on the same old topics talking about the same old things


anything more would call for imagination, surely? ;) plus, the coldplay.com board is much the same, with the added delight of new fans asking if chris really is suicidal...

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i've listened to it just the once (it sits, piled up with a stack of cds i keep in the side of my car doors) and found it a little hard to differentiate some of the tracks...worth another go...plus, there was a song on there, one before oh my god, which sounded incredibly beatles-esque :P

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