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Coldplay on SNL - May 21st


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Guest LiquidSky
nah.... I think they'll do a classic one.. and then SoS.. or maybe White Shadows!!!! :idea2:


They should release "White Shadows" for the second single. People will love it right away.. I know I did ;)

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Wow.. U2's gonna be at the garden on the 21st as well.


U2 and Coldplay only 15 blocks from each other that night... I don't know why the thought of that makes me so excited.



thats 15 blocks and 2 avenues up!!! :stunned: I know what you mean... :wink3:

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Camu and albie under a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G :blush: :kiss:


ps. dont kill me camu , you know i luff you :kiss:




:angry: THIS IS SPAM!!


don't steal my catch phrase :angry: , you obsessed Interpol person :angry: :P

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