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Friends and Love


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Do they ever turn into love? Is a better question.


I mean classically it never happens, its almost impossible. 100% against the odds.


Look at Ross and Rachel... no wait. Kevin and Winnie!- hmmm...


OK thats only 2... :dozey:

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I am OK, Im looking for a carry bag at the mo...


I have a tip that might help with your headache, it works for me sometimes

On your had where your thumb joint is, run it slowly in circles moving it torwards the side of your hand. I once saw this on TV and it was a alternative tip for getting rid of headahces. !!

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oh thanks a lot daryl i hope it helps. ;) :kiss:


a carry bag? why?


I am at my mates house on his PC, and he had no Kettle and I brought mine so I could make a cup of coffe and I found it now


whaeyy !!


Caffine emmmmmmmmmm

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as i know... i always be friend of my neigbourgs (two brothers that now are 18 and 17 i think), then a summer they begin to fight themselves because things like "hey you let her win", "he you are sitting next to her too near" (like if he were cudding me)... :dozey: that was near to broke our friendship cause i didn't know what to do.. hormones. :rolleyes: :lol:

I must confess i was in love with both them (when i was 6 years old with the older and later when i 9 with the younger)... But i think that the thing was that the older really was in love with me when he was 13 or so. :/

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Some songs... my Mum loved him loads so sometimes I got bored but as I got older I did apreaactice a couple of his tunes my favourite one is redemation song... and I used to like turn you lights down low, but I can not listen it it now as it reminds me of a ex girlfriend !

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emmm me to !!! but some are very hard. Still ... 'Run' by snow patrol always makes me cry... well inside anyway !!


There is a part in the middle of the song that says about trying to wipe the tears so she does not see, as he is scared or worried he will never see her face again ! also the closing verse of A rush of blood to the head.

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