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Speed Of Sound video - debuts 4/28


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Did anyone watch Coldplay on Much on Demand? At the very end Chris commented that he was sorry they didn't have a new video to show, and then the hosts then replied that they would show it tomorrow. Is it gonna be released tomorrow?! :stunned:

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It won't debut today most likely because i read a message on Q&A on coldplay.com today saying that there will be an official announcement on the website when they release it.



when will the speed of sound video debut on mtv?



watch out for news and there'll be an announcement, but not yet.... that's all i can say i'm affraid.

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I was looking on the TOTP website for hints about Coldplay's new video, found nothing of the sort, but I did happen to come across a small part of their 2000 'Yellow' performance. Clocks and the Scientist, Daylight and In My Place, Trouble, another Yellow are on there as well.




Chris looks so young in those clips :blush:

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