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Boo. Bored. Come And Play


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Boo, im bored so I decided to come up with a game. Someone told me to post somewhere so ladeda here I am :) If you dont want to do this, or think tis just stupid [because i know it probably will be lol] leave now and don't start complaining. This is my thread and I'm a chick, so chicks rule and are allowed to make random threads.


For those of you who are ready and willing, here are the rules. For the person below you, you must create a task that they must do.


rule #1: it can not be impossible. It must be able to be done. This means don't say "climb to the leaning tower of Pisa and jump off." Which brings me to rule #2.


rule #2: The task can NOT be life threatening. See rule #1 :D


rule #3: The task can not deal with anything sexual of any sort. I want this to be fun and I do not want anyone to feel uncomfortable.


rule #4: The task cannot break any laws. Ex: It cannot say, "go flip off a policeman" or "run through a red light on your way to work." I do not want anyone getting hurt :P


Now: "But Terra, how do we know that the person actually did the task?"


That is a brilliant question indeed. This game is just for fun. You can chose to do the task mentioned or you can say "skip" and create a task for the person to post below yourself. The task that the person assigns can be anything from hopping like a rabbit, to eating an insane food snack concoction lol. Please guys, have fun with this. I know I will. To answer the question above, you should write a little comment about the task that you did. You can say, "woo im out of breath." or whatever you like.


Once again, this is a fun little bored game. I created it. Do not participate if you do not want to. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me :D




Task For The Person To Post Below Me: pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time.

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Did it!


I phoned "La Dolce Vita" pizza place and told them I want 15 prostitutes on a pepperoni, speaking in a DARK AND MIGHTY voice. They hung up. :(


OK, the person below me, must turn their head to the left or right and just spit infront of them whatever room theyre in. Just SPIT. Right there.

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SKIP. I am so not doing that lol



To the Person below me: You must find someone, in person, and you must poke them repeatedly 10 times and then come back here. Do not say one word to them. :cool:

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SKIP. my parents would yell at me 10 times over lol. I would do it if they weren't here though.




Get off your butt, get on the floor and start rolling. Roll like you were on fire! lol

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i cant believe i just did that... :lol: luckily there is no one around to think i'm a psycho


person bellow me: drink half a glass of pure cordial (with no water added), vinigar or virgin olive oil.

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:lol: :lol: :lol:

that was pretty fun actually, thx alot i needed that :)

my parents had no problem with me singin loud cause they got tiered of me singin at the bath room all the time and it is 10 pm here :)

(p.s. nice thread it will surely be popular)


the person who posts below me has to be a teletubie for 5 mins...but not for himself...he has to be a teletubie to who ever lives with him (includin family or friends) and u have to stay like a teletubie and act like them for 5 mins without justifieing your actions leavin the ppl around u confused :)

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easily done :)

poor Pai ur gonna call everyone herbert for a weak just to make me crotch infrot of my parents :lol:


the person below me===> go brush ur teeth not once not twice but three times :D (good luck ;) )

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I've done that before as a joke! I dont wanna put them through it again :P


Tap dance for someone. Tell them you've watched a video tape on how to do it and you seriously think youre getting quite good.

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