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coldplay on blender now available...


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so what did you guys think of the article/interview??



I think they focused on Chris too much even though the guy specifically says in the beginning that band is so much more than just Chris.... sure there are some quotes from Will and Jonny.... but why all the focus on Chris... :embarrased:


Another thing I noticed.. is the recent step up the guys hae taken. A bit more in the spotlight... after reading this article.. I see now why. I love that they are all being (or are going to be) recognized as a whole...


any thoughts??

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^ i think it'll take many years until the rest of the band are truly recognized...chris's "notoriety status" has gotten too big to ignore for any publication.


...the media should take note that coldplay's fans want to hear from the whole group, not just chris...maybe we should get this point across by boycotting their magazines? lol ...anyone care for a coldplay revolution?

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haha! But the band has already made a more notable presence... they are all singing now... they all switch instruments... they all speak more at inteviews.... Guy even mentioned once in the NME interview from not to long ago that he was a bit jealous of Chris because he got all the attention.. but then realized... he shouldnt be complaining.. lol now, in this article.. it states that Chris sat down with them and told them its a bit more stressful for him.. so I feel.. (this is what I took away from the story) that they all want to share in the spotlight like Chris... they arent as private anymore... Guy went public about his marriage.. Will.. Jonny admitted he has a long time girl.. I think they are tryng to take some of the limelight away from Chris because they sympathize with him..


what a bunch of guys... :blush: so sweet!

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^true, true....i do hope they continue to showcase themselves, for chris's sake anyway...not like i want to know any updates about those amazingly talented and gorgeous boys...lol...

...they have us wrapped around their fingers.

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