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ebay is evil


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Ebay is full of stuff that you would never think of buying, until you see it on there and for some reason feel that you need it. I only go on it if I am looking for something specific (eg. Coldplay tickets, sunglasses, a certain cd etc.). That way, I don't impulse buy.

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mummy dearest just got a 2 night holiday to the blue mountains (aust) from ebay. shes becoming a bit obsessive over it lol


im trying to find a good deal on a sega master system but they all seem to suck...


i swear i saw 20 really good quality new phones going for $70... the bidding limit had one day to go when i last saw it... how crazy is that. my mum made me not bid on it for some reason... :cry: even if just one phone wasbeing sold i would have gone for it...

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