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For those of us who'll need to battle for general sale tickets come 6/4, what'll be the best way to get them:


1) Ticketmaster online?

2) Ticketmaster location?

3) Venue box office?


Are there even any other ways of getting them?


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from my experience it works to have somone at home on the internet trying for you while you wait in line at the venue... Depending on the venue, they work best when they don't do the whole lottery system and you can get there early so you'll be in the front of the line to get tickets right when they go on sale....if there is a lottery you might not win it and you could get screwed so I would go online if there's a lottery



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There is no 'best' way. Whether or not you get tickets is dependent on luck. Ticketmaster is a crappy system and it is basically a lottery with shows like this, some people get tickets, some don't.


I will keep my fingers crossed and hopefully will get tickets... this time.

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ticket crapper.


i think that a ticketmaster location is a good bet - if and only if you know the person selling the tickets and they can get on that comp at exactly the time they start selling tickets. going online and doing it yourself is pretty tough considering your time might not be "ticketmaster time" .. and it will especially be difficult if many other people are buying.. but since these are larger venues it might not me that bad.

you can call ticketmaster, but that's iffy too.

get like a million of your friends to try to get the tickets too, then you'll increase your chances by .01% :wink3:


at the venue should also be a good bet - but that's only if they don't lie to you and say you have a good chance of getting tickets.

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well in "good ol" southern california - me and some of my friends split it right down the line - half of us in line at various Ticketmaster outlets (Ritmo Latino-Tower Records-etc...) and the other half go on line at our own houses (usually DSL or Cable)............ but considering how the presale BS that surrounded the U2 onsale, this time we maybe a little hesitant with TicketBastard (no. I mean TicketMaster) :wink3:

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