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Watch out for Blue Merle Bogus Files


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Hey gang, I got an e-mail from a friend who said he downloaded "Swallowed by the Sea" from a P2P. He sent it to me and it was actually "Burned by the Sun" by a band called Blue Merle.


If you havn't heard Blue Merle, the singer has flat out stolen Chris Martin's singing style, falsetto and all. My fiance and I once heard one of their songs on the radio in the car and she thought it was a new Coldplay song. They have a single called "If I Could" that isn't a bad song, but a flat out rip off of CP's style (well, mostly the vocals).


Anyway, keep an eye out for this bogus file, during these, ahem, exciting times.

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Yeah, they're from Nashville. Blue Merle, that is. I'm from Philly, and I've been lurking on these boards about five times a day for a few months.


I can't believe my first post was about Blue "Hack" Merle. :huh:


Keep up the good work gang.

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