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Are the "new" coldplay really better?


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yes i much prefer the "new" coldplay, especially since they got rid of chris, jonny, will and guy and replaced them with callum, james, delia and charlie ex-busted... have you heard they are going to change their name too? And sorry, but its "nu-coldplay", not "new" coldplay... get with it....



in answer to your question, yeah the sound has changed but you can still tell its coldplay, thats what makes it so special.... its not a radical departure, just a step (or giant leap) forward.

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I think that at chris said... they keep on their style but with new things, i like it. :D sweet sometimes and with a lot of energy others. :D

but i'm sure most new fans will don't like Parachutes or AROBTTH if they listen it later. :/

but is better find few people that like their 3 albums. :smug: and the ones that wait to download the song till the SoS has been realised (23rd may) or the new album (6th june) they are real fans. :cool:

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Ha, thanks. To, explain, a couple of years ago me and a few mates out of various different bands came together to play a one off gig of mostly Coldplay covers under the guise of Hotpause, that's when I made that logo. We did Shiver, Daylight, Don't Panic... can't remember the rest.


As for this thread, I'm gonna take the easy way out and say that "new" and "old" Coldplay are both exceptionally fantastic in different ways. I couldn't bring myself to brand either one as better...

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