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'A Message' Appreciation Thread


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Re: A Message


I am continuing the trend of threads on specific songs.


'A Message' is the best track on the album. What do you think?


I agree.... And Fix You is very good too :cool:

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i love all of the songs on X&Y now - A Message was one of the first that i really liked. I think it's probably the most U2-like one. Would've fitted on All That You Can't Leave Behind a treat.

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Rolling Stone ragged hard on this and the hardest part :angry:


"Still, a surprising number of songs here just never take flight, from "The Hardest Part" (which actually gets less catchy as it goes along) to "A Message," which might actually be too Coldplay-ish: "My song is love," Martin announces, and you might find yourself wishing it weren't. Martin has talked about how hard he worked on this album, and it shows: Nothing on it sounds easy -- maybe 50 Cent made off with a little bit of his style and grace."

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