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I was at the mall in a cd store


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and i was really pissed to find out that coldplay's single clocks hadnt come out yet and wasnt on the lsit to come out soon! humf! anywyws the counter guy asked me if i liked them and i said i love them i saw the on march 6th and he totally changed the subject i was like ur supposed to askme about it! lol j/k and when i walked in the ending to a whisper was playing i was like dad! this is soo cool their playing a coldplay non single...my dad thinks its funny that i lovecoldplay so much haha well anywys they have these things in every isle where u can listen to music and one of the choices was top selling rock albums and a rush of blood was one choice and on almost every headphone set thing in the store i put on coldplay like politk clocks a rsuh and in my place and the scientist so that when ppl walk by they'd be like hey i like them i think ill by 5 copies of this...hehe j/k my dad said they should pay me for advertising hehe just thought id tell u that i tried my hardet to spread the love today!

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