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Coldplay Lille March 27th [2003]


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hi everybody! :D

I was yesterday in Lille at the Coldplay gig and it was absolutely fabulous!

I have been fond of the band since 2000 and it was my first gig and I haven't been disappointed! :D

A fantastic show, when Chris was playing the piano, the crowd was charmed and I really appreciated when Chris made the effort to speak French and he was very good you know....

Although Chris asked the audience for apologies because of his voice that was a little bit not as fit as usually but very well I have found..., I found Chris very enthusiastic and happy to be on stage... :-D

When Chris asked the audience for standing to sing with him 'Yellow', it was a pure moment of happiness and from this moment to the end of the gig, the public was fantastic!

coldplay....my favourite rock band! :)





God put a smile upon your face




The one I love (new song)

A rush of blood to the head

Don't panic

Everything's not lost

....(new song)


The scientist



In my place

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unfortunately no pics for me but it was a fantastic show' date=' chris is absolutely fabulous and Coldplay deserves to be the best British rock band at the moment! :D[/quote']


wel if you had a great time then nothing else really matters ":D glad ya enjoyed it :D

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