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Radio One...Once again!


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yes 20.45 but radio 1 often put a delay on the "live" gigs they broadcast in order to cut out any offensive material or anything that could lead to a legal case, and also so can cut songs if they want to or if the band/band's management dont want certain songs broadcast. Plus they can edit it together better (eg if chris does the crazy frog thing for about 5mins they can cut it out and spare us the torture).

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I tried recording but the stream isn't giving me good volume - sorry.


Sounds great so far:


(in the spirit of the u2//interference setlist parties)...



01 Square One

02 Politik


when the band was in the studio with the DJ (don't remember his name) they said they were going to (basically dust off) some rarer stuff from Parachutes - I doubt anything terribly rare like We Never Change, but maybe some stuff they haven't played in a while - Spies, maybe?

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