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Covers you'd like them to do live


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They've done some great covers in their gigs:

- Hunting high & low

- You only live twice

- 2000 miles


What others would you like them to do?


I think they'd do a really good version of Madness's "It must be love"


Other requests??...

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Guest LiquidSky
Johnny Cash Ring Of Fire

Bob Dylan Just Like A Woman


I think I have that cover of Ring of Fire of Johnny Cash somewhere.. I'll look it up later ;)

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covers of band they "sound like" such as u2, radiohead or else could be nice covers...

but, i rather hear them cover some different style of music. someone here mention a nin inch nails cover : that would be great ! :P in my opinion i wish they could play songs of my favorite rock bands : bowie, neil young, rolling stones, velvet underground !

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