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'Til kingdom come quests


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I never saw how the lyrics fit into his life though. He has Gwen and Apple...This album was partually about broken hearts..ect ect. And how great the world is, which i love that side but still...where is the partual negativity coming? :(

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haha, i heard that the chorus of this song was written on the spot. jonny cash's producer or something told coldplay that they needed a good chorus for the song before they recorded it, so chris just wrote one.

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I don't think the album is partially about broken hearts...i think it's more about his insecurities and fear that everything/everyone he loves would leave him.


Chris writes all the lyrics, some with jonny. will and guy change some of the lyrics if they hate what chris writes, especially when he goes overboard with things like planets and outer space and other abstract things.

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