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New Frequent member ariving!!!


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Hello!...Im Michelle. Im from the united states and am a BIG coldplay fan. I hope you all get to know me and like me. People say im a really nice person and i try to be! And i wanted to ask...Does coldplay have any relation to this website? Like...Do the actual coldplay members come on and look at the messages on here? Just wandering because it seams like an official website.

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Hello! People have CLAIMED that they THINK coldplay bandmembers have come on here and looked around, but I dont know.


Its an unofficial fansite though, but the best one there is


actually, as a fansite it is 'official' but it isnt an 'official website' of Coldplay.. however we do have a great relationship with the folks over at coldplay.com. We like to pride ourselves as the #1 Coldplay fansite on the web.. :wink3:



Welcome to Coldplaying!!! :)

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