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Big Brother 6 (US Version)

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Yah next week.. I don't understand how the voting is already over though... can't people still vote? How do they know already that Eric will come back (I refuse to call him by the other name).

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Hmm, I find it kinda weird what happened on tonight's episode. Howie went and nominated two people that were on his own team, I don't see how this is good for their side getting rid of their own people.

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I agree Justine.

I wish Howie had nominated Maggie and another from her team. However, James has been selling everyone out for his own gain. He did say to Ivette that he would put up Howie and Rachel if he ever won HOH. For the betterment of the house, James should go. He plays both sides way too much. We'll see what happens on Tuesday.

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