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09/07/2005 COLDPLAY in Munich

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I had one of the best evenings in my life last night, I can tell you. And the best concert I've visited so far - but also the shortest. But that & the fact my boyfriend and I didn't have the best view to the stage was the only bad thing.

We took many photos, I'm soooo anxious to them!!!! Cuz I think they'll look quite good, during "Everything's Not Lost" I sat on my b/fs shoulders and took photos with Chris performing and the whole audience lifting their hands :rolleyes: And during "In My Place" Chris walked to the right side of the stage, close to were we stood, whoaaa so amazing...

Also, we recorded more than the half of the gig with a pocket PC :nice: sooo cool, I got it on a CD now and can listen to the concert anytime I want again!

Coldplay played 75 mins, that makes you wonder if 50,50 Euros were worth it. THEY WERE, thinking about special guest Richard Ashcroft - his show was almost as good as Coldplay's, really! (my love even liked it better) Okay, he was there with only himself playing acoustic guitar, and someone playing keyboard, so e.g. "Bitter Sweet Symphony" was playback except his voice - but especially that song was soooooooo uncredibly BEAUTIFUL...I had always wished to hear it live...and now I have...together with "The Scientist" and "Clocks" it was the best moment of the whole evening. I can say now, I've seen two concerts last night - Coldplay and some kind of The Verve. Two of my fave bands.


Here's the setlist:

I liked it very much, they cancelled Swallowed In The Sea, a song I don't really like, and played Talk instead :D Also A Message was missing, but Don't Panic wasn't :) All the best were there...oh I also cried once during Everything's Not lost...


Square One



God Put A Smile Upon Your Face

Speed Of Sound


Warning Sign

Everything's Not Lost

White Shadows

The Scientist

Til Kingdom Come

Don't Panic




What If

In My Place

Fix You


Did Chris also threw a lamp that hanged from the ceiling up to make it explode like a firework on other concerts? he did during "Fix You", that rocked!

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Hey there. I ve been there yesterday, too. I really enjoyed it, but my feet are still burning of all the boring waiting :confused: . i stood quitin front of the stage 3rd or 4th row. good spot!!! :D I made some pics as well, can post them maybe in the next week. and im really in love with "what if" right now, i almsot started crying when they played it, it was all very emotional *sigh* love to see that again

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To the ones who want audio of the concert, I've uploaded 5 files now.


File 1:

Richard Ashcroft - "Space & Time"


File 2:

Richard Ashcroft - "The Drugs Don't Work"


File 3:

Richard Ashcroft - "Bitter Sweet Symphony"


File 4

Coldplay - "Yellow"

"God Put A Smile Upon Your Face"


File 5:

Coldplay - "The Scientist"

"Til Kingdom Come"

"Don't Panic"



"What If"

"In My Place"

"Fix You"


Don't mind me & the people round me sing quite loud to the songs... :embarrased: :D


Pictures: I've got some, but they aren't good...you can see almost nothing. :( But audio quality is not bad.

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Guest LiquidSky

And the links There? I still want to see the pictures...even if they didn't come out right.. :embarrased:

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I was there too :)

It was just...amazing. You not it's not really describable in a few words.


I could post some of my better pics too, if you guys would like to see them.



The one with Guy in front is really good, I think :)

Seems like you were in the very front row? I was very close to the stage too, maybe two or three peeps in front of me. I was more left than you, but despite that, I don't think we were too far away from each other ;)

Was more on the...Jonny-ish site (not planned, though) icon_lol.gif

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id love to see your pics as well as i havent seen any others than mine :D


i was quite close to the stage, yes :D and it wasnt even difficult to get there thats the best about it :cool: i also think the right side is the right side :sneaky: (what a pun, sry :embarrased: )

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I know! We were at the Olympiapark only about 14:15. I would've never thought we'd get to the front.


Hee! When we got up (when the concert started) my friend was like "Damnit, Guy's always placed on the right side!" So we tried to get more...concentric (god...well, it's just nine :P ). Worked a bit, until people started behaving slightly harsh towards us.

The only one I didn't have that good of view at then, was Will :( ...so I was really happy when they came to the front for TKC (which was amazing anyway, wasn't it?).


Did Chris actually change lyrics at other songs too (except for "The Scientist", I mean - well, he tried to...anyway *lol*)? I'm trying to remember...


Okay...I'm off to pick out some of the 'best' pics then :)

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