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Coldplaying Pet Owners Thread


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My fiance and I just adopted this cutie on saturday :D




Denise, your cat is adorable. So cute. I used to have a red tabby cat, he was my fave. :)


Thanks Aaron :D I´m so in love with him. We let him sleep in the bedroom, because my mother in law was already sleeping and we didn´t want to bug her.. So we set everything there.. the little "house", sand box, food and water.. I barely slept. On sunday morning, he grabed the blanket, got up in the bed and slept between us. :blush:

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ok.. I am crushed now.. we adopted that little kitten as a gift to my mother in law. and I just found out she doesn´t want the cat anymore. My mom doesn´t like cats, so he will stay with my sister in law (she owns 2 cats) till my fiance and I can take care of him :( If I had known about this, I would´ve gotten the kitten after the marriage.

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she steals my sushi

and eats my dinner

and sleeps on a queen bed (all to herself)

and has stolen all my love and affection in the household

but we all love her to pieces because she's just a little spoilt brat

lol sounds like my dog... except for the sushi part lol... she loves cheese like me.

and she sleeps in my bed at night, taking up most of the room...

and she likes to use lemons and elastic bands as substitutes for balls...

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I can't stand the yappie, little dogs. The ones that bark all day and never shut up. They are the size of a small cat.. you know the ones. I just moved out recently of a semi-fancy apartment building and EVERYONE had a dog like that.. so all you could hear coming from down the hall when they left in the morning was that noise.. ahh.

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