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Coldplaying Pet Owners Thread


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nooo!!! well....my best friend has got 2 quite big ones....they're something like 30cm long :wideeyed: mine's only 8cm :/ ....but the size also dipends upon the species and you have to know if it's a turtle or a tortoise :P

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How cute is bonabon's dog!!!! :blush: awww!!!! :kiss:



here's my bratty cat Sonny Roo... aka Berrycat..




he's he'll be 5yrs old this October. :)


Awwwww. What a beautiful cat Camille. Love the colors :)

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precisely the same at our house

brandy used to alternate between sleeping in either of my brothers bed, until she got her very own queen bed...

and she gets luxury food, i'm talking better than mine :P and she doesn't let ANYONE near the house, and starts barking like hell :P

and she gets insanely jealous when we pat our next door neighbour's dog :)

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:lol: :lol: Sounds like we spoil our dogs the same.

I give Drake "people" food all of the time. He loves it so much.

My dog also goes nuts if another dog comes over or even if I pet another one. He is very protective of us even though he is all of 20 pounds. :lol:

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