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Chris Martin is the World's Sexiest Vegetarian


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"We know it wasn’t easy to pick just one Venus and one Valentino from this long list of vegetarian delights, but somehow you did it, and the votes are finally in. Joss Stone and Chris Martin are the winners in peta2’s second annual “World’s Sexiest Vegetarian” poll."




what a sexy picture of chris :lol:



stolen from aussieturkey on the official board :P

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"Chris Martin and his wife Gwyneth Paltrow are notorious for their love of vegan cuisine and recently gave daughter Apple a vegan birthday cake."


Is he veagn or vegetarian?????

I can't believe he doesn't eat milk and eggs... :confused:

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Amazing...i cannot believe ...u know wot...i voted a hundred billion times for him and since it only asked for yer email address and nothing more, i entered so many times if you know wot i mean... :sneaky: i wonder if that could have tipped the scale ;)

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