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How Much Sleep Do You Need?


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The other day got drunk went to bed at 3am and

got up for work at 8 (I was dead on my feet!) hehe


I've done that before and it is harsh. I feel like a dead weight all day if I do that.


Yeah, it's terrible, and I'll never learn

because I did it again the next day.


But have caught up now and work has

been ALOT eaiser

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We are stubborn sometimes :lol: I'd rather still party and get a little bit of sleep than not party at all.



:lol: Thats the way to do it!

I get rubbish days off so I have an excuse

I work Sat and Sun (+other weekdays) and get Tue, and

Weds off ugh so I drink/go out and am trashed for work!

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Sleep, ahh one of my favourite passtimes.


I say 7-9 hours. However, lately with all the drama at home, I haven't been able to sleep much at all, but have been going to sleep to try and block out what is happening. Like last night, I went to bed at... 230am and woke up at around 10, so that is almost 8 hours. My ex-bf gets up at 430am to leave for work at 5 am and he never gets enough sleep. Sleep definitely makes a difference as to how you perform in your day.

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I use to be able to function on 3 hours of sleep during my 'club hopping' days... but those days are a thing of the past!! lol I need at least 6 now.. more preferably.. but minimum of 6hrs.


..........actually.. i wish I was sleeping right now.. :embarrased:

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