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This is once in a life time you bastards!


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ha!...I just wanted to quote delicious Chris :embarrased:








well I DO want to say another thing:




you DO post...my gosh...where are the threads I posted yesterday dammit!!?!?!?!!?......ha!

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ok josce tu no fuiste!... :D estuve a ppunto de irme este fin a houston!...otro fin sera! :)



camilitaaaaaaaaaa say hello to my paul and your daniel! :cool:



kylooooooooooo I miss ya dammit...dont forget about me! :cry: ... :kiss:




lilchick...Chris said that in a song!...mmmmm I think is Live forever...dont remember! :P



andreaaaaaa... :beatnik: ...lista!?...pa q!? no se!...jaaaaaaaaaajaja!



albie!...nice to see ya around! :cool:

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sure!-------the text you want to be colored...must be in the middle ...let me do this!...e.g.< >here<>



I found a flower

You found me

We found each other



quote this so you can see the format!

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