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Congratulations Bonabon!


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yeh i know... but im so tired from that now that im going for now... i prob wont be on for ags again so see ya :kiss:


yay got work placement tomorrow... wish me luck! me and my mum spent over 6 hours shopping for clothes for it today! wow...


anyways laters... i must go down in history for this feat ;)


bye then

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lol yeh i know im cool ;)


bet you can't do it at 8pm GMT ;)

i dont get it...?


btw wat does that sexy kitkat have to do wid my great acheivement??




hehe lefty u love it :D .btw is that reilly in ur pic. sexy :wink3:

and is that 'wicked game' in ur siggy?? love that song




lol im naughty, shouldnt be on this so bye bye :cool:

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