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Fix You Video; Secret Code


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Hey guys


I was just wondering if any of you have managed to decode the secret message in the background of the new Fix You video ? I can never see it properly enough to decode it myself; but you can easily see the message on one of the buildings as Chris is walking/singing about 1m30 into the song.

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I was just wondering how he started running along a road in kings cross London... and the next second seamlessly bound onto the stage in Bolton!!


it's 180miles!!


Chris for the Olympics!! that's bloody fast!



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hey guys, was just on the mtv website, and this is what i learned from it:


that code (including the one on the cover of the x&y album) is a graphical representation of the baudot code. blahblah ill just paste the info here:::




The X&Y cover image is a graphical representation of the Baudot code, an early form of telegraph communication that relied on a series of ones and zeroes to convey messages (and thus, was probably the first truly "digital" means of communication). Developed by Frenchman Émile Baudot and patented in 1874, the code was the most widely used method of terrestrial and undersea telegraph communication for the following 70 years, until being replaced by Morse code in the mid-20th century.


The Baudot code assigns five "bits" for each letter of the alphabet, an arrangement of ones and zeroes ("11000" is A, "10011" is B, etc), as well as coding for numbers and symbols, like question marks or commas. To differentiate between numbers and letters, Baudot further broke the code down into "upshifted" and "downshifted" sections. Switching from numbers to letters — downshifting — would be identified by inserting "11011" into a message stream. To relay messages, operators tapped keys on a Baudot multiplex telegraph transmitter, with a "one" meaning a hit of the key and a "zero" meaning no hit. For example, "A" would be transmitted as two successive hits followed by three beats of silence.


Coldplay were kind enough to supply fans with a chart showing the entire Baudot alphabet in X&Y's liner notes (since multiplex telegraph transmitters are presumably in short supply these days), with vertical arrangements of colored blocks replacing the ones and zeroes. When the chart is applied to X&Y's cover image, it's revealed to spell out (duh) "X&Y." The image on the last page of the liner spells out "Make Trade Fair," the name of the international organization aimed at eliminating Third World debt through reformed trade laws, which Martin ardently supports.



there yah go, so if you would like to go one and decipher that code, ull need some chart and iunno...lots of time on yur hands.


heres the site for your ref.



cheers guys.

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