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If you could be reincarnated as something?


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My dog lucy.....she is sooo spoiled.......she gets fed everything she wants....seh doesnt have to do chores....she gets love by all the hott guyz my sister knows! and she is adorable....so laura i agree,,,,,either that or a bird....ive always wanted to fly :shrug:

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Hmm....ever think about the bad sides of being a dog? *Ahem*

Fleas, Filth, Worms, (If you're a female) Violation, Filth, Abuse, and you die soon. It's not all that peachy keen.


I would like to come back as....well I really don't know. :shrug: Actually, I think that I'm the result of reincarnation, but I don't think I'm going to end the cycle... :shock: :-o

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