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Weird/Wonderful Facts About Coldplay


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Chris didn't lose his virginity till he was 22..now that is a fact! He said it himself! :blush:


aww i heard that alright,they're always mocking him about that!poor wee thing :) I think its kinda cute that he lasted that long :blush:

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^ Exactly. He was so depressed because he thought it was all his fault. He said that he had basically been taking all his anger out on Will and telling him he was shit. Will finally got so fed up that he walked out and Chris was so miserable he got hopelessly drunk.


*Pets* Poor lads. Will said it only made their friendship stronger though, and the band more united, so I suppose it worked out for the best. :)

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Sorry, but the story about Will leaving the band was while they were making The blue room, not Parachutes...i belive. I read it on an article from a website of some canadian radio called The Edge:


"...And as soon as everyone finished their final university exams in June 1999, Coldplay signed their major record deal.That summer, they recorded another EP, this time with the title the blue room.

There was a lot of tension and pressure during these sessions and Will actually walked out for a week. Chris - a non-smoker and non-drinker - responded by getting blind drunk. He hasn't had a drink since, by the way.


In the end, though, things were worked out - but not before a few rules were laid down. Number one: the band was declared a democracy. Everything - including all profits, no matter who wrote the songs or how they were written - would be split four ways, just like they do in U2 and REM. And number two: anyone caught using coke would be immediately dismissed."


I wonder why they created the second rule??? :confused:

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