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I haven't heard that! Do you know where I can find it?


I dunno where you can find it, coz my fren sent me that song.

Umm.....if you want I can send it to ya when I get home...but I'm staying in my hostel now....i'll go home next week, if you don't mind :)

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This is one of my favorite songs too. I read somewhere all that eerie noise was recorded outside the studio in the street and it adds SO MUCH to the song. As for the chords, I too have no idea what chords are used to play the song. The chords probably have lots of open strings to create that "what kinda chord was that" feel. :D

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i really really like that song ...

it's one of my favourtie b-sides but not one of my favourite coldplay songs though ... :rolleyes:

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no... its not in the top for me... but yeah' date=' its a great song.. but its one of the best b-sides song...[/quote']


Yeah I would agree with that totally. A very nice song but if I was thinking of a song to put on I doubt it would be there...

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