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I still hope they'll release it as a b-side someday... maybe when they run out of new song ideas. As if that'll ever happen... :wink:


on mtv the other night chris sort of said that they've already got ideas for the next album, but he wasn't allowed to say what :lol: i hope he wasn't joking :roll:

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that is your coldplaying homework tonight: to go and find all the songs you havnt heard


now there's a piece of hmwk that doesn't sound so bad. :lol:


i like the sound of that homework too 8) i dont think i'd fall asleep in the middle of that....or want to throw it out the window :shock: :D

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This is probably one of my favorite Coldplay songs, period!! The lyrics are so powerful and heartful and the music has an eerie, spacy tone that is unremarkable. I was just wondering if anyone knew how Chris tunes his guitar to play this song and any of the chord formations used.

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