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I am me!


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My name's Isaac.


I live in America.


I am actually a more recent Coldplay fan, I got "AROBTTH" sometime in '04 because I was a big fan of "Yellow." To my suprise, "Yellow" wasn't on it, but I still had it so I just kept it there. Over time, it always ended up being the album I'd put on, whether on iTunes or the iPod, so over time I became curious, and also got "Parachutes." I was thoroughly impressed, and my interest grew in the band. I kept listening and looking for more material, then I heard the news about the new album coming out, and was excited.


I got "Speed of Sound" and enjoyed it a lot, hoping this sound, much like Clocks, would be constant on the new album. The new album impressed me, a 4 star (out of 5) kind of release. I was hoping for a "Joshua Tree," but I still wasn't dissapointed, as it's so difficult to produce music. "What If" is my favourite from the new album, that Lennon-esque "anti-anthem" really strikes a chord for me. I like "Fix You" too, as I'm a big guitar chord, and it really shows how far the band has come, in that building sort of song, eventually crescendoing in that passionate chorus. One of the few songs that actually makes me cry sometimes.


I haven't seen Coldplay live yet, but I will be able to catch them when they perform in Austin in the Austin City Limits festival 2005, something I'm excited about beyond belief. It'll be my first real music festival, and it's only a month from today. It should be mind blowing, it has such a phenomenal ticket.


I play football (soccer) for fun, and enjoy banging on the guitar, which I've done for about three months. As of now, I'm working on "In My Place" and "The Scientist." :)

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