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Why doesn't CP play "A Message" at the concerts??


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Now lots of things bug me, and I usually don't vent but I simple don't understand how "A Message" isn't being played on the tour. It's like one of the best if not the best song on X&Y! Now there's a chance I might see them on Sept 25 in Austin and I hope they play it. Now they have improved the setlist several times during the tour (getting AROBTTH and Amsterdam in the setlist). why not take out GPASUYF for A Message?? the setlist would be PERFECT if that happened..I wonder if theres a certain reason why Chris doesn't play it.. he did early in the euro tour...whatever, post your opinions here.. im gonna post this at CP.com too, I want to see what everyone thinks about this..

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I know but the thing that bugs me is that this is the OBVIOUS one that should be in the setlist. I know people want sparks, spies, shiver, trouble, but get real, this is the "Twisted Logic" tour, most of the songs are from the new record, oh well, Coldplay will always have the best shows now matter what songs are in the setlist!

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something ironic...the tour is the "twisted logic tour" and to my knowledge they haven't yet played twisted logic yet on it.... also, you're right about a message being "special"..it was the last song written for the album, and here's an excerpt from a Blender interview with the chris...



In August, perhaps anxious that his position as first among equals was creating divisions within Coldplay, Martin poured out his frustrations to the band in a bar. He bitched about how he hated his new life as an A-list celeb and the lies that were written about him. "When Apple was born, there was a time when I felt very resentful of the rest of the band," he admits. "I felt that they didn't understand - not because there is anything to understand. But the thing about babies is, you can only understand if you have one."


His mates sympathized. Gradually the tracks started to come together, but still frustratingly slowly. The 2004 deadline had already passed; they set another for the spring of this year. By Christmas they thought they'd finished, but then - typically - Martin had another crisis of confidence. He played the album to what he describes as "a couple of friends."


Was one of them Gwyneth?


He smiles and, ducking the question, says that one of them was Danny McNamara. He's like that about Paltrow: He tries his hardest not to mention her name in interviews. The less he can have their names linked in the press, the better. He manages to sidestep a question about whether the love song "Moses" - an unrecorded live track - or the magnificently soppy "What If' were inspired by Gwyneth by abruptly changing the subject to the sausage and beans on the plate before him. Anyway, it's McNamara, rather than Paltrow, whom he blames for the next crisis of confidence. The Embrace singer told him, "Sounds like there's a song missing."


"No there isn't, you bastard," replied Martin.


But the moment it was said, Martin started thinking Danny was right. By then he was so close to it that there could be 10 songs missing, for all he knew. It was a terrifying feeling.


He mulled it over in his waking night hours, the way he does. Look, you haven't got anything simple and chord-y that you just want to sing along to.


Right, you bastard, he told the voice in his head. He got out of bed, picked up his guitar and at 3 A.M. wrote a song called "A Message."


"And it was amazing," he says.



cheers, peter

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