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some anwsers please


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i think nobody really knows but i think i read somewhere that he married with a childhood friend.....i'm almost sure that if you ask in the thread "post piccies of the sexy mr berryman" someone will answer you :)


welcome here btw, hope you have fun! ;)

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oh i belive she's a great person 'cus if she wasn't she wouldn't be married to guy. but she's ugly. i'm being objective. just look how much powder she has on her face.


Well, she may not be very feminine-looking... But if you thought Guy always looked a lil' gay then maybe it adds up... A little more 'man' to balance things up? :)


I dunno. I'm kinda happy and find it refreshing that there're apparently 'rock stars' out there who marry people who may not be pretty by any conventional standards- credit to him (Guy). I like him more for it (obviously I'm not very good-looking myself) :D .

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