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anyone wanna start a band


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This board seemed like the most logical place to put this message.


Hi. If anyone lives in the Milton Keynes/Luton area of bedfordshire, plays guitar, bass or drums, and wants to start up a band (and yes, I do want to do covers of coldplay, along with other similar music!) please email me @ [email protected], or just leave a reply . Im was hoping to get a band strted that plays coldplay-esque music, except most of the guitarists etc that i know are mettalica fans to the core. :lol: The rejects dont like MY kinda music.


I play keyboards, bass, and i can sing. I also play cello, clarinet and sax, if they are really applicable.



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^Haha, heck yeah.


But yeah... I'm looking to play in a band that wants to play Coldplay type stuff also (everyone here is a damn punker)...


But I'm about as far away as NateyO is.


I made a board here about a different idea, check it out! :D

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That'd be sweet if someone here were to form a Coldplay cover garage-band type thing. Me and my buddies are looking up to forming a band over the summer (long ways off!!). We need someone who lives in or near Reading, PA and knows how to play the bass and piano. So yah. I might be able to play in an "internet" band and just record everything to a metronome and then whoever could mix it all together. It'd take freakin' forever to put together one song but hey, if we manage to get some cool stuff going, we could pull off a couple songs...ideas?

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I always dreamed about having a band, but unfortunately, i can't play any instrument (I started keyboar and some piano, few weeks ago, because of CP ;) ).

I've participated in some vocal competitions (local ones) with some succeses, but i have a lower voice than chris, so it's impossible for me to create COLDPLAY 2 :)


luckily i've got two mates, after musical school- one had 6y of guitar education, the other have played percussion for 5y, and 4y on piano.

I'm sure that we can create a 'not bad' band ;) , but we don't have a bissist. moreover we don't have percussion, and bass guitar ;)


deadhippie61- plaese, move to Pabianice, Poland, and you'll find people, whose musical inflluences, are Coldplay (especially ;) ), Placebo, Radiohead, Muse, U2, Franz F., Sigur Ros ;)

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