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so my weekend just got ruined...


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i was supposed to go to my friend's cottage for weekend but she canceled an HOUR before we were supposed to leave :angry: :cry: i understand and everything, but it's just because she doesn't want to be near her stepmom, who's angry with her.

i've never really been to a cottage, well not that i can remember. my mom's angry, she didn't plan on having us home, and didnt make dinner for us and baked a cake to bring up with us. then my sister was planning on having her friends sleep in our beds while were away, so that spoils her plans as well.


not only that, but next weekend i was supposed to go to my other friends house for the weekend to sleepover, and she lives in kitchener which is quite a bit a way from me, and apparently she canceled on us also. at least it was a week in advance..and not an hour before when we're already packed and everything :(


and now i was supposed to go to my cousins house for a sleepover on one of these weekends, but we rescheduled because of our friends. and now i have nothing to do,and have no idea what my plans are. :(

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