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Hyhy, I've got a Coldplay poster! :P:P


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The seller will usually tell you in the item's description how long it will take roughly to arrive. If not you can always ask the seller. I paid for my poster on Thursday, so it should arrive tomorrow im hoping, i'll let you know. It all depends on how good the seller is.

Im not sure about how it works with other countries, but i usually pay via 'Paypal', where you enter your bank details to create an account (if you have a credit/debit card) and then the money goes straight from your account to the seller's. Hope that helps! Have fun, hope u find one! :)

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I have 2 Coldplay posters that I just got about a week ago!


I got the RoBttH one...where Chris is buttoning up his shirt and he's in the very foreground and then it's Will and Guy and then Jonny...


and I also got the one where it's just their front profiles - also they're in the same positioning with Chris first, Will 2nd, Guy 3rd, and Jonny last... :D

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