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Chris & Shane Warne


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I'm unsure on what your policy is on posting candids, so if I'm breaking any rules I am sorry and this can be deleted.


Anywho this was in NW magazine (Casey Donovan cover) in Australia and I gotta say ekk. I personally can't stand him (Shane) - I wonder how him & Chris are friends????? I wanted to share the scan anwyays :)

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To all those bashers...


Shane is the highest wicket-taker in the world and a nice person despite his controversies. Many english cricketers have spoken of him in high regard. His performance in the recent Ashes series speaks for his stature as a world-class bowler.


So I am nothing but thrilled that Chris and Shane shared a few words. Both of them are greats in their own right.

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That is true. The English players admire the australian players and vice-verse. That's the positive thing about cricket it promotes sportsmanship.

I don't mind that he met Shane. I wonder if he has met the English captain...

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thankyou alreadyfixed!


so many people take swipes at shane and im sick of it! he is an amazing cricketer, possibly the best bowler ever to play the game. he did some stupid things but the media has exploited the hell out of them, and only the worse sides of him


...lets not forget chris' run in with the media 2 years ago in Aust!

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