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jealous of a fake team--who buys talent cause they cant create it or find it on their own????? Nah, i pass--- I rather go for a team that works hard to get up there---cause when they finally do win it--it will be well earned---not just bought :rolleyes:


(cant believe how much i hate the yankees)



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uhhhh again..



we HAVE won championships without the payroll.. try about 24 of them.... we didn't start hogging all the players and payroll til about 3 years ago.. and since then we haven't won a championship lol


exactly... everyone hates the Yanks because we're the best... :smug: don't hate the team.. hate the game! :P


*ahem* :rolleyes:

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Guest LiquidSky
you know that game, where people sit around watching NOTHING happen all afternoon and evening, drinking beers, eating hot dogs, getting fat.


great american past time.


you've just described CRICKET, but without the hot dogs


I must say that it is quiet boring sometimes... that is why I only watch the last couple of games.. The play-offs :wink:

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