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Earthquake kills thousands in S.E. Asia


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Revenge for what?? This is truly tragic, but the earth quakes are nothing 'new', certainly has nothing to do with 'vengence'. This is a living planet, and like all living things will continuously change in ways small and large. We are in an age of lightning quick information - every tragedy great and small brought before our eyes seconds after fingertips touch keys.


Nothing has changed except the level of rapid fire information via internet, satellite tv, cell phones.. the earth will continue to move long after we're dead just as it has millions of years before we took our first breaths.

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The world is coming to an end.





Seriously. This is fucking scary.




I don't know if there's a god, or a mother nature, but somebody up there's gotta cut it out.


that is EXACTLY what i was going to say.


not to be all depressing and pessimistic (it doesn't help that i'm listening to apocalypse please) but ... the world is ending.


not a single day goes past when you flip on the news and some sort of tragedy has taken place, where someone has died.


sept 11, london bombings, asian tsunami, asian earthquake, hurricane katrina, war in iraq, the continued conflict between palestine and israel.


it wasn't like this before. it's all happening in the space of 4 or so years. and it's getting worse... the world is ending. :stunned: :dizzy2:

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Sorry... Just had to correct a slight error of fact.


The earthquake occurred in South Asia, not South-East Asia...

Geographically if you look at the world map, South Asia is around India, Pakistan, etc... the area between China and the middle east. East Asia would be China, Japan, Korea and all the eastern Asian countries up north. South-East Asia on the other hand, refers to a group of ten countries located between China and Australia... just look at the land below China, encompassing the main land mass, as well as the group of island arpichelagoes scattered there e.g. Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Phillipines.


The tsunami occured in S.E. Asia; the earthquake this time's in South Asia. And yeah, it happened about a week ago... they're still retrieving bodies all over the place. The sad thing is accessibility as well as health care facilities/personnel are so poor that there've been so many people being carried by relatives / fellow villagers for days before they get to places with medical facilities. Limbs have turned gangrenous and have had to be amputated while there're villages with people dying because there's no access to healthcare.





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