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Does anyone know the exactly total sales of x&y now in U


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Well, since it's only been out about 5 months and already sold 6 million (worldwide - sorry for hijacking your topic jameschen)... I think you can safely bet that it'll eventually surpass 10 million, especially with the correct marketing. Based on the fact that Parachutes and AROBTTH are still in the 100's charts, I predict X&Y will steadily sell for years to come since it is a pretty solid album and will probably attract new audience segments. I'm saying all of this based on pass experience with the BSB :o who sold >80 million albums despite their (some say mediocre) music :rolleyes: And don't worry about X&Y being classified a rock record... They've clearly crossed-over to take up the 'pop music' segment ala U2 :D

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Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why did everybody ignore my reply?I mean the sales in US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not the worldwide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know, but is there anyway to find out the sales numbers? I read somewhere that in the US, sales is reckoned according to how many copies have been shifted rather than the actual numbers sold. And the body that does that is the US Billboard 100. So as you said yourself, it's certified double platinum by the Billboard i.e. 2 million copies shipped so far...

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Sometimes soundscan sales is different to the certification of RIAA,because RIAA makes the certification when the copies ship to the stores not the copies which have been sold.

In fact,the album always takes very long time to achieve the certification of RIAA giving.

Such as Celine Dion<Fallin' into you>have achieved 11 plantium,but it is still a lont way to match this certification.

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