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Matter-Eater Lad

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Homecoming (at my school) is a formal dance that we have to celebrate football.

I think.



Mine was last saturday, I had a date but no dress, and everyone came up to me the following monday and was like "THEY PLAYED COLDPLAY, WHERE WERE YOU?!!?!" and I was like dammnnn. :/



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post your homecoming pics mr cool! ;)


I have none as of yet, we took a picture before the dance and thats all but its on a camera. and at the party aftewards we got a picture on my friends cell phone.


IT sucked so bad, 3 hours of doing nothing, me and my friends were sober so we had no fun. but afterwards we got bombed but i had to come home. damn parents

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ohh right i getcha.


but over here in aus, especially with my school, since it's a girl school everyone's close so we don't bitch or anything if someone doesn't have a date, etc.


in fact half the grade didn't take a partner to our year 10 formal. when it's formal time, people don't see it as "omg who am i going to take", it's more or less a let's have a killer time with our friends.


:cool: so we don't have all that "prom queen/king" sorta stuff.

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