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Blue Eyes


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Someone please help... i have seen a Coldplay CD called "Blue Eyes" in Italy. I have never heard of it but its got 15tracks and it has Trouble featuring sir Elton John. Is this Cd real/official? I dont want to buy an unofficial coldplay cd. It was recorded in 2003 Atlanta..please help.



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It definately exists as a CD and the wierd thing is that it has a record label of Godfather Records. All the tracks are all coldplay songs...i just dont get it :/ it may be a bootleg or a jap import or some other kind of import....

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wow what a coincidence... yesterday I've listen to the Soundtrack of Garden State (with "Don't Panic" on it) and there is a song called 'Blue Eyes' by Cary Brothers and for me this sounds similar to 'Sparks'. Don't know if it's mentioned before... maybe I'm just missing some sleep :P .


If somebody wants to check it out I'll upload it in the Multimedia Section. Just let me know :)

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