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Leipzig, 9/11


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hi again. here's the translation you asked for knox. it's the one from takt-magazin.de.


and to quote chris: "forgive my bad english" (lmao :lol: )


Chris Martin and his three players had prepared themselves well for their concert on the 9th November in Leipzig. Not only that with the hit "Yellow" gigantic balloons of this very color fell of the ranks, no, they even still knew that here five years ago a Coldplay concert had to fall out.

Three albums later they fill the biggest halls of the world. So also in the Saxon metropolis where the completely sold off " Leipzig arena " trembled under the blustering applause of the enchanted audience. Even from Poland fans had arrived what moved the Coldplay singer to special greetings to them.

The spectators were also moved of course. During the outstanding "Clocks" all the tension was to be outbid no more in the extatic final part of the title, until it discharged, finally, in an indescribable thunderous applause. Afterwards then quickly the new single "Talk" played and the regular 60 minutes which began with "Square One" and a shadow figure before a gigantic video light wall already were over.

However, the four cannot be asked long and entered with " In my place " and a deep knee case the addition stage. Also an excursion to the close packed spectator's ranks could not be taken from Chris Martin. In an insanity tempo he ran by the amount and scaled the roadblock of the seat rostrum to enjoy the bath in the crowd to a full for some minutes. Then as the finally last song they played " Fix You ", a love song which took the audience personally with pleasure and intoned exceedingly certainly about text and unfailable to hear . In the end, still a winning embrace for the Leipzig audience, a kiss in the camera and everyone found himself full of melodies in the head in the hall light - "stuck in Square One".



Oh btw if the girl who got guys camera (congrats...it was soooo mine) ever reads this please post the photos i must be on it somewhere (completely destroyed but who cares :D )

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thanks a lot!!!!


BTW I was talking for a moment with that lady- she is a mate of guy, who I met during a road to Leipzig ;)

She creates polish site about Sigur Ros, (ebding is propably .art.pl).

Maybe you can get in touch with her...

(Has she got highlighted, curly, long hair, about 170cm? and was she about 25y ? If yes, that's her)



Are media in Germany talking about this gig, or it is only noticed??

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WOW - wat an event! I can't put my emotions into words to describe the evening. There was a fantastic band with Chris Martin in a good mood. I had a place in the 2nd row (behind Sheila in the front row ;) )

There where also the people from Poland with their banner: "Why not in Poland?" I think, they had the support from any of the 12.000 ppl in the Arena!

And I had my hands on one of the one-way-cameras which are for the crowd - but I couldn't catch it :( This was the cam which was thrown by Guy :D - but Sheila: don't worry!


It was really great!



WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!! It was my first gig, and I've came back home in 5 min time...travel was so tiring, and concert was full of jumping and screaming by me so I'm exhausted, but it was definitely worth it!!!!!!!

In the bus we were so excited after this. I' sure that I was right, when i told in the interview for polish radio station, that they're the best band in the world!!!!!!!!!!



This hole "why not in Poland" thing was crazy ;) Poeple from Warsaw invented it a night before gig, they've made this huuuuuuuuge transparent, and when we got into the bus, they thought, that is a good idea to have sth more, so they called their friends from Poznan (we were in this city during the travel) to prepare 6 posters with big question marks ;) Before showing the big poster, we had to show this smaller ones to confuse CP and audience (and I had one of this posters ;) ).


I had also Polish flag, and if you saw a guy in black clothes, with Polish flag on me - that was me :D


Germans were really nice to us. I asked all the people around me to jump and make a noise as much as it is possible, because I was showing Polish flag, and I wanted them to pretend Poles, to show to Chris, that it's worth visiting Poland...


I'd also like to greet a ladies, with who I sung a lot of songs, especially Green Eyes ;)


It was so lovely that they played it. There was no weak point of their gig. Every song was so powerfull, all those lights and special effects were amazing. I' m a bit jealous, that I wasn't there where Chris went during the gig- it was suprising...;)



I thought that they also played Till Kingdom Come,


but I can be wrong...


I'm sure the band will get to Poland....eventually.


I saw a documentary where Will says they'll be travelling to new and far flung places, such as Russia etc.


Be patient and keep the faith... :)

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witam Piabiance, Jacku to Ty?? pozdrawiam. Beata


some words about yesterday concert: it was terrific performance!! so full of emotions and possitive energy! boys were wonderful :D


i wish they came to Poland soon :rolleyes:

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hey fans. i have also been to the concert in Leipzig yesterday evening. man that was sooo awesome. i am now searching for pictures.. and its nice to see that some people have published it yet in here.. also the list with the songs.. crazy fans :)

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hey fans. i have also been to the concert in Leipzig yesterday evening. man that was sooo awesome. i am now searching for pictures.. and its nice to see that some people have publiced it yet in here.. also the list with the songs.. crazy fans :)



i'd rather say : maniacs ;) :D :lol: [/b]



edit: i can see that You're from Leipzig- you' ve got fantastic sport objects;)

and also name of this city, will forever cause simile on my face...;)

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have you been there, too?


oh well.. he has changed a line of politik i guess it was..

'bring down the berlin wall' he sang. very cool, because it was exactly 16 years ago yesterday :)


i dont live exactly in leipzig, 30 km south of it ;)

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How many people were there at the concert in Leipzig, does anyone have a number?


someone said 12.500 ppl would fit in the arena and it was sold out. so thats the number i guess. :)


Ok, thanks.


And the line about the berlin wall, that sounds really cool. I hope I can get my hands on the audio soon.

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