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Leipzig, 9/11


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:) Hey knockoverstreet.

I thought of you immediately when I saw the black roll with "why not Poland" on it. Very clever from you indeed.

CM answered very diplomatically, trying to be kind and caring about the feelings of the Polish people. I remember him thanking your nationals for having come such a long way to Leipzig.


I had a great seat (yes, you read it: SEAT).. and did not sit once, of course! I was able to walk up from the rear part of the Arena up to level of the stage. I was standing behind all the sitting rows, where there was a wide gangway. You could jump and dance at ease, being about 15 meters away from CM when he was greeting people on the left side of the stage. What a great sight!. Unfortunately I had no camera with me.


I found the concert good, but way not as good as their open air performance of Berlin last June which had rocked the hell out of the audience. CM was also less talkative that I expected.


I particularly enjoy TALK and GPASUYF and was quite shaken when CM hugged JB and smiled at him.

This sudden cuddling was so cute!:sunny:


The new lightings and screens effects were not as good as the older one. At the beginning of the concert, the lights were often turned to the audience, preventing to have a look at what's going on the stage. Still, the video shown on the song THE SCIENTIST, with the infinite world of macro and micro, was pretty well made.


And now the major news:

COLDPLAY have not renewed their contract with the Devil.

Indeed, none of the band members was spotted in the "AUERBACH KELLER", a traditional German pub where, according to Goethe's novel "FAUST", artists sell their soul against talent and fame given by :devil: MEPHISTO :devil: , the devil himself. ;) [/b]

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yeah, it was very diplomatic...;) but also nice...


it was also very nice to hear that he thanks for coming from Poland, because we had a really long journey, and it was great for us ;)


(but I think, that going on CP's gig is worth traveling even 2000 or more km..., by bus of course;) )



lol- my polish teacher, just told us to read Foust, as a lecture...;)



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Okey it's been 3weeks but I've been busy...


The Leipzig show was GREAT! My first Coldplay show and what can I say?

It had the Polish mood all over it :)

-Why Not In Poland banner was astonishing (haven't I seen it earlier at u2?;)

-Chris commenting on the banner was even better! (though i guess rather very political) shame my digicamera didn't record it as movie :(

- do they know what colours our flag is? we had the one in the first row at the center of the stage Chris looked at it while talking about Poland and at the end of show but his face said sth like "what the hell is that?"

-my personal highlight was in TALK when Chris grabbed my grilfriends phone and called her brother (now that fits to TALK lyrics!) truly moving!

- Chris running in In My Place was breathtaking... he got right to the place where my great friend Depe was...


How ql is that that CM came to announce the support? :)

The show started as usual with Square One, then the lyrics changed in Politik - reference to unification of Germany and dismantling of the Wall.

Yellow - the ballos with confetti, shame they do not have more of them!

Chris trying to smash one with his guitar... had to try 2times!!! :D


At one point when Chris did his usual stage jump he almost fell down, he landed too close to the edge of the stage, and just in the last moment caught the balance back.


God Put A SMile - great long snippet of Rammstein's America!

The accoustic set was mega! We had them all so close to us! And the surprise with Green Eyes (maybe not the best choice, but at last some setlist change!)


All guys are great, but it's nodoubt that Chris draws your attention!

He jumps, runs, kneels, leans, and.... anyone noticed him having sex with his piano! Just look at his moves while he plays it's really funny!!!


The show in total was really GREAT! The only thing is that from what I heard on the bootlegs I can't say that Chris was too talkative in Leipzig, apart from Poland remark he practicly didn't say a thing nor changed the lyrics...

The whole show has a lot of U2 references (like snippets, running it to crowd, phone interaction, kissing the camera etc...) but still it's their own show.... amazing show!




Okey hear are some photos of mine (more will follow)

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yeeeeeeeeeah. this thread is still alive !! ;)


ZBYCH- fantastic photos, great places!!! I wish I had been in the Leipzig Arena earlier to have a better places, but i couldn't ;/


Chris answered, that they're not good enough yet to play in poland :lol:

and he thanked for coming etc...


I liked also band's reaction for a posters with question marks, which were shown before showing this huge banner- they were a bit suprised, and they looked like thinking "what the hell is going on? " ;)


great gig, i wish they'd visit Poland next time...


ZBYCH- have you heard your girlfriend in ESKA rock. If you want i can give you a link, couse i've recorded whole audition about the gig...

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