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Halloween Costumes


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Who kicks ass at haloween costumes? Anyone?! ANYONE!?!?


Thursday night I went with a very very sweet Batman costume on, but it wasnt original enough for my liking, tonight Im going as a towel. Im taping up a bunch of towels and wrapping them around me.



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I'm terrible at Halloween costumes.


I always wait last minute to think of one and then randomly find things around my apartment to stick on me to resemble something that would be easy to explain to other people.


A couple of years ago, i stuck a bunch of snacks on me and said i was a vending machine. I later went home and ate all the snacks. :)

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very original reilly a towel, i applaud you! :lol:


i was a wizard for a couple of years... and also a freaky looking gypsy 2 yrs ago... oh yes i have also been santa clause a couple of times!


i was also peter pan once :idea2: ...oh wait, that was for Book Day in primary school... i remember i got tease by these boys older than me cuz of it... :embarrased: :cry:


i wish i had a batman costume... i once borrowed a friends batman tshirt for a party... that was fun lol

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